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I can't play this at the moment, but if it's a pseudo-sequel to Pedestrian 2018, then it's bound to be great. I love that game. Maybe I'll figure out a way to play this without Windows someday.

There should be a way to emulate windows programs on another OS

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I'm playing this in the most computer-geeky way possible: On Linux using WINE, and with a Wii Classic Controller Pro connected with an 8BitDo adapter

I love this game, but do you have the license to make one for Mac? I would appreciate it : )


Good, fun little time waster. My only complaints are as follows:

1. Your pixel art is a little rough in some places. Character sprite's outline, specifically- most of the other things look good

2. It's a little hard to tell where papers are in space. The amount of times I jumped to get a paper and missed because I was slightly in front or slightly behind is kinda funny to me

..That's about it. Good game, Kilo! Good luck with your future projects.